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Course | Watercolor II

We'll be walking through our semester II course lineup over the next few days!  First up, one of our creative courses for semester II is Watercolor II

Design House Prep School | A School for Creatives | Watercolor

Watercolor II

Our first watercolor course (aptly named Watercolor I from Semester I) focused on color theory and understanding the colors and paints you're working with. With this second step in Watercolor II, we will be building on our previous knowledge, moving on to more color mixing as well as understanding how different base shades mix together.  

We'll be mixing custom colors to match Pantone or printed shades, perfect if you're a calligrapher mixing ink to match a clients invitation.  We'll also look at how to mix custom ink for dip pens. 

As with all the other Semester II courses, registration will open on December 12, with class materials becoming available on January 13th!

If you haven't already taken the first Watercolor I course, but think you might want an introduction or refresher in color theory, registration is still available for Semester I courses through till June 2017! 

Showcase | Caitlin Jane Calligraphy

Caitlin Jane


Design House Prep School | Student Showcase | Caitlin Jane Calligraphy

I currently work full time in finance at a global pharmaceutical company (can I get a b-o-r-i-n-g chant going!?) and I am always dreaming of quitting my job and taking calligraphy full time, but I am so scared and hesitant.  I not-so-secretly adore Jessi Reesman and am soo excited to learn from her and meet all of the other students!

- Caitlin