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Design House Prep School has helped my business take 180° turn. DHPS has helped me to be so much more organized. For me, the best things I’ve learned are in the creative courses, the’ve helped me grow as an artist and learn new styles and methods that I can incorporate in my projects! I don’t even know what I was doing before this!
— Aurora Cotera, Papeterie

Semester VI launching in May 2019!


let's do this right

building a better creative business

from design house of moira

I’ve learned to plan accordingly to each project, be more confident with the way I price and manage my time and business more effectively.
— papeterie
Design House Prep School | Online Workshops for Creatives


So many creatives go into business to follow their passions, but never learn how to earn a profit, have nothing but bad clients, and burn themselves out.  Sound familiar? 



We're here to not only learn but to build a community of creatives, supporting and encouraging each other, choosing to support our own creative community rather than competing with each other. 


our mission

understanding creative business pricing | build value in your business | create more profitability | monetize your passions | create a better work/life balance