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Welcome to the design house prep school affiliates program!

Thanks for signing up for our affiliates program, we’re so happy to have you! Below you’ll find details about how the program works and some resources that you can use to help you promote the school. We tried to keep this as straightforward as possible!

commission details

As an affiliate for DHPS, you will receive 20% of any course purchased through your affiliate link. Prep School courses vary in price from the mini courses at $35 to class pass bundles at $540. Your commission is based off the purchase price for the student, so if they use a coupon code on their purchase, the commission is then based off of the discounted price.

getting started

Once you’ve been signed up as an affiliate, you can log into your Teachable account and go to the “Affiliate” link at the top of the page. From there you will see a dashboard with a summary of your commission details, your commission rate, your affiliate code, etc.

For more details about the information in the Affliates View, Teachable has a very thorough support page here.

We want to draw your attention to the “Payout Details” tab in particular. This is super important! We can’t pay you without this information, so please remember to add your PayPal information so that you can receive your commission!

PAYMENT details

Teachable has a 30 day refund period, so you would be paid on the next available pay out date after someone makes a purchase. For example, if someone makes a purchase in January, you will be paid in early March. You’ll receive your payment in your PayPal account, which you remembered to provide your information for when you were setting everything up. Right?? :)

As a heads up, if someone you refer makes a purchase and they don’t use your link, unfortunately you will not receive credit for the referral. Please please please do not ask us to manually go in and make the payment to you, there are just too many transactions for us to keep track of individually like that.

Purchasers must use your unique link to be eligible for a commission, so be sure that that’s where you’re directing people! When someone clicks through your link, Teachable adds a cookie to their browser which stays there for a set amount of time and thus attributes credit to you when they make a purchase. Teachable has a great explanation of the process here.

Affiliate link

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the general affiliate details, you can create your affiliate link. In the Affiliate Links section of your Dashboard, you’ll see a Link Generator where you can input the link you want to which you want to direct people. This could be a specific course page or the page for the whole school.

If you plan to paste the link somewhere people will see the actual URL, we recommend using a URL shortener like to make it more visually appealing.


  1. Follow good advertising practices and disclose your affiliate relationship
    A super easy way to do this is to mention your affiliation at the end of your post. <<ADD EXAMPLE OF AN AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER THEY CAN COPY>>

  2. Speak from your personal experience?

some sort of thank you and glad to have you on board stuff