Course | Calligraphic Flourishes

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If you're at all familiar with our work at Design House of Moira, you know we love pointed pen calligraphy. Even more, you know we love flourishes on our calligraphy. Flourishes in the right place can bring emphasis to certain words, bring balance to a piece, add artistic style, and change the overall feel of whatever you are calligraphing.

Whether your finished calligraphy will be used for the names on an invitation or a calligraphed envelope address, wedding vows or a monogram, mastering the art of flourishing will elevate your calligraphy and help you create a more polished final piece. 

In this course, we will cover common styles of flourishing, common mistakes, how to build muscle memory, visually balance your flourish placement, and finish with examples of how you can apply flourishes to multi-line pieces. 

Victoria Rothwell