Course | Contracts & Invoicing for Creatives

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Having amazing artistic talent is only half the battle. Robust contracts are there to protect you and your clients to make sure everyone is getting what they need out of the relationship. 

Perhaps you had a background in law before you got started in a creative business, in which case, AWESOME, let's be friends! But if you're like the rest of us, you may not have any experience creating your own contracts and invoices and may be floundering to know what you may need to do to get all your i's dotted and t's crossed. 

For this course, we worked with the lovely and talented Paige Hulse of Paige Hulse Law, who is an attorney for creative entrepreneurs and online small business owners. After working as a contract litigator by day and running a calligraphy business by night, in 2017 she took the leap of starting her own practice, bridging the gap between the creative and legal worlds. She now works one on one with creatives at Paige Hulse Law, and recently opened the Creative Law Shop, where she sells contract templates and resources for entrepreneurs.

You'll walk away from this course with the knowledge you need to set your creative business up the right way when it comes to your contracts and invoices. 

Victoria Rothwell