Course | Intro to Instagram Styling

If you're anything like us, you love scrolling through Instagram and looking at all the pretty pictures -- and so do your potential clients! 

Compelling visuals paint a picture for potential clients and customers. Maybe these are beautifully shot examples of your work, or maybe they're lifestyle images that evoke your brand's mood. You want your visitors to easily picture the ways in which your creative business and artistic endeavors can add value to their lives. 

This course will cover both the basics of Instagram as a social media branding platform, including concepts such as showing your style, making choices with intention, and using hashtags, as well as tips on the actual creation of well-photographed content. For styling and photography, we'll go over the basics of how to light your photos, choose props, and style and edit your images. 

Used effectively, Instagram can be a powerful tool to bring awareness of your brand, network with other creatives, and drive traffic to your inbox! 

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Victoria Rothwell