Big Changes!!

Design House Prep School | A School For Creatives

We have a decent amount of things we're changing this semester that we're super excited about!! We chatted a bit about how we're restructuring courses to be available FOREVER (see the blog post a bit further down for more info!), but we have a few other things we're going to be changing as well!

Scholarships:  Each semester, we award two scholarships.  We feel that part of our responsibility as educators and creatives is to give back and help build our own community.  This semester, we're awarding two scholarships, but the courses themselves are going to be different.  In the past, recipients have received class passes for the semester (all 6 courses), but this semester, we're going to allow the recipients to build their own semester by selecting 6 courses from any semester. 

"I'm attending" badge: GIVEAWAY!!  Once you've registered for a course, you'll have access to our "I'm attending Design House Prep School" badge.  Anyone who posts their "I'm attending" badge along with our #designhouseprepschool hashtag between September 1st and September 14th will be in a drawing to win a styling package from Design House of Moira with fun product, paper, ribbons, and styling goodies!

Bonus Videos: We're also changing the structure of our bonus videos a bit.  Since all courses will be available forever and ever, we'll be making bonus videos specific to their semester.  If you're new to our school, we've had a few bonus videos for our first two semesters.  We usually chose topics that are current, relevant or interesting in our industry, but don't take up a full course.  So far, we've had:

- Mistakes We've Made and Lessons We've Learned - Karen and Victoria sit with cocktails and chat about all the stuff they've screwed up, how it happened and how they fixed it (or will fix next time around!)

- No Such Thing As A Bad Client - we ruffled feathers a bit and challenged people to look at client relations differently with the idea of there being NO SUCH THING as a bad client.  

- Bow Tying and Wax Seals - We get asked sooooo often how we tie bows and knots so straight, as well as our process for wax seals, so we made a mini course out of it!

- Styled Shoot - We talked about how to find them, work with them and what type of expectations to have going into it

All past bonus videos will no longer be available for new students, but anyone who registers for a Semester III course will have access to this semesters bonus video(s).  Students of Semesters I & II will retain their access to past bonus videos.  We will, however, resell some of these as a mini course coming up.  


As a reminder, courses are open for registration on September 1st and class starts September 14th!!

Victoria Rothwell