New Class! >> Eliciting support

Maybe you work full-time in another industry, you've been working hard on that creative side-hustle, and you think you're finally ready to go full-time. Maybe you've always been the go-to in your social circle for anything art-related, but you did everything for the joy of creating (read: free of charge) and now you're ready to go pro. Maybe you haven't done anything artsy in years (or ever!), and you're debating whether to dip your toe into metaphorically creative waters, but not sure how to approach reallocating time from your other responsibilities. 

Unless you're a hermit in a cave with zero human interaction (but you somehow have internet?), in which case, hello! But unless that is you, you probably have other people and responsibilities in your life who have expectations and claims on your time. Maybe your family life is structured around you being at work in an office. Or maybe your family life is structured around you NOT being at work, office or not. Maybe you used to give away your awesome works of art for free or at cost, but now that you work for yourself, every hour you're creating things for free is an hour you're not spending on your business. 

Maybe all of that is true and you, your family or your friends are all struggling to adjust to a new paradigm where you want to support each other but haven't developed the right scripts to communicate. Many of us have experienced this to one degree or another, but for those who have really struggled with this idea, this will hit very close to home.  

This semester's course in Eliciting Support will walk you though the struggle of being in a relationship or having friends and family who don't support you or struggle to do so in your pursuit of a creative career.  We'll be looking at communication cues and practices and the laws of reciprocity when working on getting your significant other or family and friends on board with your creative business. 

If anything we described above sounds like you, this is the course for you! Can't wait to see you there!


Victoria Rothwell