NEW CLASS! >> Ribbon & Fabric

We love spools of dreamy hand-dyed silk ribbon from other creatives as much as anyone. Trust me, we have boxes on boxes of ribbons in the office! But sometimes you just need a few pieces for a small project, or perhaps you just can't quite find the right color to match your project. Maybe the price is too high for you and your client, or you just love fabric and would love to know how to dye it yourself. 

No matter the reason, this course will teach you the basics of sourcing, dyeing, and using fabric in your creative pursuits. We'll look at everything including how to tear fabric down to ribbons, dye fabric to match specific projects, and use fabric for large scale lettering and painting projects. 

As a bonus, we'll also touch on how to price fabric-related projects, using principles we discussed in Pricing I and II! Pricing weird projects like this aren't as straightforward as they could (we wish!) so we'll do our best to break it down in a way that can help you make your decisions about how much your fabric endeavors should cost. 

Victoria Rothwell