Hey lovelies, we have an exciting announcement!

Drum roll… We’ve decided to restructure how we offer the Design House Prep School courses.

Here’s the deal. Initially, we had decided to run Prep School on a true school schedule, moving on from one semester to the next and expiring courses following each semester.  We chose to structure our school this way to help teach time management and to encourage people to actually consume and finish the courses by giving them a deadline.

A year into our Prep School adventure, we’ve noticed a few things.  Firstly, for various reasons in and out of their control, people are not finishing courses within the semester time period. Secondly, as new students discover and join our school, there are previous semesters’ courses that interest them and would help them on their journey as creative business people.

We hear your concerns, we want to work together to grow everyone’s businesses, and we want our community to continue to flourish. So! We’ve decided to make the courses perpetually available for everyone. Once you buy a course, that video is YOURS--to start when you're ready, to finish at your own pace, and to go back to any time you need a refresher. We try to pack as much information into those 45 minutes (or more! …because sometimes there’s too much to talk about…!) as possible, and we love that you guys re-watch the videos to check in on your own progress. And now you can do that any time you want!

Now here’s the part we’re really excited about. Here at Prep School, we really believe in not just taking the money to invest in ourselves and our businesses, but also taking the time to follow through on a monetary investment and actually take the classes we purchase.

We’ve all been there. You read a catchy launch email, you get inspired by the beautiful pictures of what you could learn… your credit card info is saved in your browser… And then real life happens and your online course just sits out there. On the internet. Waiting for you. And worst of all, you don’t learn what you wanted to learn in the first place!

With this in mind, for our upcoming semester of Prep School, we have some super awesome perks for students who complete their coursework in a timely manner. If something happens and you can’t quite swing finishing the lessons within the time frame of the semester, no worries, you’ll still get access to the awesome courses, the Facebook group, school-wide live streams, and bonus videos. 


However! Students who complete their courses* by a certain date in the semester—this time that date is November 16, two months into the semester—will get some perks.
*completed an entire individual course or at least one whole course in the class pass

No. 1 - Our eyes on your work

Homework up to this point has been less of a focus that we would like, so for the first few months of this next semester, we will be putting more focus and attention on homework.  Assignments will be more interactive, and anyone who posts theirs on our private Facebook group during the semester will get direct feedback and support from the DHPS team.

No. 2 - Special access

Students who have completed their courses by November 16th will get to participate in a Live Q&A session just for them!  Less students in the Q&A means more time to go in-depth into your questions and issues with specific examples so we can really work through and try to find solutions. Prior to the Q&A, you’ll get the chance to send in your specific questions to make sure we answer everything for you!

You might ask, how is this different from our regular school-wide live sessions? We like to use those as a chance to make announcements, discuss the school, and get to hang out with you, our awesome students! In comparison, these sessions will focus on problem-solving and us being there to help you specifically.

No. 3 - Even special-er access!

Finally, finishing your classes by November 16 will automatically enter you into a random drawing for a 45 minute one-on-one mentor session with Victoria to ask or discuss anything you would like. Seriously, anything! Three lucky students will be chosen at random, and we’ll get the mentoring on the books for January.

Whew! That’s a lot of information. Thanks for sticking with us. Shoot us an email if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

TL;DR -- classes are available for you forever! Awesome perks available for you this semester! We’re super psyched to launch this semester!!

All our love,
Victoria, Karen, Monday & the Menagerie

Here, have some pretty ribbons <3

Here, have some pretty ribbons <3

Victoria Rothwell