Course | Branding

Our next course for Semester II is all about Branding!

Design House Prep School | A School for Creatives | Branding

In a creative market, branding is king (or queen, but she's a hereditary queen, so the king doesn't outrank her. There's a little monarchy humor for you!). How you brand yourself affects how potential clients view you before they've ever even made contact. 

In this course, we'll look at how to go about branding your company, how to define your brand style, define your market and how to brand for it, and how to design for yourself (we're our hardest clients!).

We'll utilize design boards and sketching, working through our own creative processes, so if you're signed up for class passes of all the Semester I and II courses, definitely consider taking the other ones first! 

Registration for Semester II courses opens again on December 12th. Classes will become available beginning January 13 until the end of the semester in June 2017.