design house prep school scholarship program 

We began our scholarship program in semester II and we're thrilled to continue it in semester III!

We have been incredibly blessed with the support and success of Prep School thus far.  We believe that part of our responsibility as a school is to give back to our community. Since our community is defined as creatives, we feel that creating a scholarship opportunity for deserving candidates is a way to enrich the community as a whole.  

Although classes were priced to reflect the value in the lessons while remaining a reasonable investment, we understand that there can still be many circumstances under which the investment is just a bit too much for the time being. Whether you're a student who wants to move their business forward but just can't swing paying for classes, someone who has recently faced significant hardship in their business or personal life, or someone just starting out in the industry, we want to remove the price barrier to entry for two of you. The two individuals could be current students who moved mountains to pay for their course(s) or someone not yet a member of our community.  



TWO ScholarshipS

One full class pass each to six courses of your choice from our entire lineup of courses (Semesters I through III) as well as access to our community and additional bonus materials. 


requirements:  must be 21 years old or older to apply for the scholarship and you must be able to show your work - meaning you have enough experience in your field to show us something to reflect your style; it doesn't need to be perfect or ideal and total beginners are more than welcome.  Please fill out the application below and tell us more about your type of business, business focus, and why you feel that you (or someone you're submitting for the scholarship) is deserving of the grant.  

Quite often, the individuals that most deserve a grant like this are the last ones to speak up and ask for help.  Please feel free to submit someone you're close to who you know would be a great fit and tell us about their story.  Note in your application if you're writing it for a friend/relative/loved one, and introduce yourself as well.  

For those who may have submitted an application for the previous Semesters' scholarships but did not receive one, please feel free to re-submit yourself! 

If you don't have a website or Instagram, please let us know how we can see your work.  

Applications are due by Monday, August 28 and will be reviewed by the DHPS Team. Final scholarship award announcements will be made on September 1, 2017 when registration opens.



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Name of Scholarship Applicant
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