creative process: 

write out a timeline for your creative process, from initial contact from the client through to delivering your final product or service.  under each step in your creative process, note what additional materials, templates or to-dos you have.  use this as your task list and set a date for each step to have it’s templates completed.   You could use your next client to start creating these templates or materials for yourself, or create them ahead of time.  If you're already working with clients, do not allow yourself to move through a set in your process without creating or implementing your new steps.  Set a due date for each step, aiming to be finished within a month of beginning this timeline.  Please post your timeline on our facebook page so we can help keep each other accountable (these do NOT need to be pretty! you get docked hypothetical points if you take too long making it pretty.)



color wheel 



using either precut tags or sheets of paper, create holiday gift tags and cards using marbling techniques 



from one of the following scenarios, create a sketch for a fictitious client, 


client one: 


26 year old bride, getting married at the botanical gardens in chicago in June.  Her flowers are peach garden roses, silver dollar eucalyptus, cafe au lait dahlias, peach parrot tulips, white clematis, and pale purple sweet peas.  She likes formality and calligraphy, but likes unexpected touches.  She really loves larger invitations, silk ribbon and wax seals.  She loves lots of candle light, and prefers tall tapers.  


Client two:


31 year old bride, getting married in November and an organic farm in Oregon.  She loves dark, moody colors, her flowers are all deep shades of burgundy with purple vines, and her gown will be a pale taupe.  Her style is on the contemporary side, and she likes clean lines.  She doesn't like fussy centerpieces or overly dropped fabric. 



Client three: 


35 year old mother of three would like a chalkboard wall designed for her kitchen.  The wall is 15x8’ and she would like permanent headers painted onto the wall: 


- this weeks schedule

  • grocery list 
  • birthday’s this month
  • quote of the week
  • chore list


so she can then rewrite in chalk each week or month 






finding your passion: 

If you haven't quite nailed down your passion, begin with a though bubble exercise allowing your interests to dictate the direction your bubbles go.  List everything youre interested in, then using different color markers, channel out which you would pursue to make money and which are hobbies.  From the list of pursuable interests, list in what ways could you create a product or service to sell.