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Semester i

Our first semester is being run on a "soft" schedule, meaning we will be using the first few weeks to ensure everything is running smoothly. Registration for courses opens the third week of October, with classes available the second week of November. The first semester will be available online through June 2017. These are all completely online and self-paced courses that you can go through at any time during the semester. 

That being said, we do have a recommended order in which to take the business classes so that you can build on your knowledge base as you go on:

  1. Finding & Exploring Your Passion
  2. Pricing for Creative Businesses I
  3. Establishing Your Creative Process

While the creative courses exist outside of this recommended order, Sketching for Creatives is a great complementary course to Establishing Your Creative Process. 


Semester II | registration open December 12

Semester II courses will be live January 13th!!

Since we got started a bit late on Semester I, we're going to continue to run semester I courses through the end of semester II.  You will be able to register for any of the courses any time throughout that period, and all courses will expire in June 2017.