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Semester i

We've been so grateful for the wonderful response to Semester I so far! It has been an amazing journey for us and we're very excited about the small but strong community we've begun building!

If you haven't signed up yet, we're happy to announce that all courses are now available in perpetuity. So if you missed a previous semester (such as Semester I) you can still sign up for them when you're ready, These are all completely online and self-paced courses that you can go through at any time during the semester. 

That being said, we do have a recommended order in which to take the business classes so that you can build on your knowledge base as you go on:

  1. Finding & Exploring Your Passion
  2. Pricing for Creative Businesses I
  3. Establishing Your Creative Process

While the creative courses exist outside of this recommended order, Sketching for Creatives is a great complementary course to Establishing Your Creative Process. 

courses  --  pricing for creative businesses  // sketching for creative businesses  //  marbling  //  watercolor   //  establishing your creative process  //  finding & exploring your passion  //  no such thing as a bad client


Semester II 

Semester II courses build on the foundations set up in many of the first Semester I courses. As these are all completely online and self-paced courses, you can sign up at any point during the semester and go through them on your own time. Course materials no longer expire, so once you've purchased, you can go through them any time you need a refresher!

While we don't have a specific order in which to take the business classes this semester, we would recommend taking the Branding course before the Creative: Design Board course, as they work well as a natural extension of each other. 

Of course, Semester I's Watercolor I and Pricing I courses dovetail nicely into Watercolor II and Pricing II, so taking one before the other will help you establish strong foundations as you move forwards. 

courses  --  time management  //  branding  //  design boards  //  cyanotype printing  //  watercolor ii   //  pricing for creative businesses ii


Semester III

Launched for the Fall of 2017, our courses in Semester III provide you some of the integral skills you need to further hone your creative process for your business and push the boundaries of your artistic endeavors. While there is no specific order in which you must take any of our courses, classes like The Art of Saying No pair very well with the business courses in previous semesters, such as Establishing Your Creative Process and Pricing I. 

This is also the semester where we decided that all semesters' classes are now available beyond the semester in which they are launched. Hooray! Students who register for and complete their classes within the launch semester will receive some bonus perks, but we want to make sure that any new additions to our community are still able to access our previous foundational courses!

courses  --  digitizing calligraphy & artwork   //  ribbon making & fabric dyeing  //  paper & printing flowchart  //  line botanicals  //  the art of saying no  //  eliciting support


Semester IV

Coming Spring of 2018. Stay tuned for more details!