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Semester i | STill available

We've been so grateful for the wonderful response to Semester I so far! It has been an amazing journey for us and we're very excited about the small but strong community we've begun building!

If you haven't signed up yet, we're happy to announce we are offering the first semester courses through to June 2017 (the end of Semester II). These are all completely online and self-paced courses that you can go through at any time during the semester. 

That being said, we do have a recommended order in which to take the business classes so that you can build on your knowledge base as you go on:

  1. Finding & Exploring Your Passion
  2. Pricing for Creative Businesses I
  3. Establishing Your Creative Process

While the creative courses exist outside of this recommended order, Sketching for Creatives is a great complementary course to Establishing Your Creative Process. 


Semester II | CLASSES NOW online

Semester II is here! As of January 13, main class lecture materials have been made available, and we're already receiving some great responses from students. 

The six courses of Semester II are available from now until the end of June 2017. As these are all completely online and self-paced courses, you can sign up at any point during the semester and go through them on your own time. All course materials will expire at the end of the semester though, so make sure to complete your courses by June! 

While we don't have a specific order in which to take the business classes this semester, we would recommend taking the Branding course before the Creative: Design Board course, as they work well as a natural extension of each other. 

Of course, Semester I's Watercolor I and Pricing I courses dovetail nicely into Watercolor II and Pricing II, so taking one before the other will help you establish strong foundations as you move forwards. 

Since we got started a bit late on Semester I, we're going to continue to run Semester I courses through the end of Semester II.  You will be able to register for any of the courses any time throughout that period, and all courses will expire in June 2017.