Course | Designing a Suite from Start to Finish

If you've been following along with DHPS over the past two years, we've been slowly building the foundations for completing a successful project with a wedding stationery client. We've learned to develop our creative process, work with our clients through the sketching process to nail down their ideas, guide clients to the right decisions about paper and printing based on their desires and budget, and digitize our hand-done artwork into something we can use in a digital design. 

All of those skills are SUPER important and will make your life 100% easier over the course of your project, but how do you go about designing the suite itself? 

This course will cover the nitty gritty details of how to make your design decisions as you implement all the information you've gathered from your client into their dream invitation suite. How will you lay out your artwork? Where will you put the visual weight? What kind of printing are you doing, and how will that affect your artwork? We'll work through the design of an example suite in the course from digitized artwork to the final print-ready files. 

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Victoria Rothwell