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Enrollment for affiliates will only be open from April 8-30

Welcome to the design house prep school affiliate & teaching program!

Thanks for your interest in our affiliates program, we’re so happy to have you! Below you’ll find details about how the program works and some resources that you can use to help you promote the school. We tried to keep this as straightforward as possible!

Affiliate expectations

Becoming an affiliate with Design House Prep School is something we don’t want you waltzing into lightly. We aim for our affiliates to support and believe in what Prep School stands for: growth, transparency, profitability, and community. We firmly believe that you shouldn’t support something you don’t believe in, and we want your genuine enthusiasm to shine through. Becoming an affiliate with us has several benefits:

  • helps grow the student base of Prep School

  • promotes the ideas of profitability and transparency throughout the industry

  • creates a stronger pricing foothold across the market which benefits everyone!

  • reinforces the idea of value based pricing

  • opens the door for you to teach with us in the future

  • becomes a passive income for you

None of these ideas are possible with a passive approach to an affiliate relationship. We want you to be genuinely enthused about teaming up with us so this feels less like sales and more about something you’re passionate about.

If this sounds like something you can get behind, we have some basic guidelines and expectations listed below for you to follow.

commission details

As an affiliate for DHPS, you will receive 20% of any course purchased through your affiliate link. Prep School courses vary in price from the mini courses at $35 to class pass bundles at $540. Your commission is based off the purchase price for the student, so if they use a coupon code on their purchase, the commission is then based off of the discounted price.

As an instructor for DHPS, you will also receive 20% of any sales of the course(s) you taught (not including the sale of class passes), in addition to any 20% of purchases through your affiliate link.

getting started

Once you’ve been signed up as an affiliate, you can log into your Teachable account and go to the “Affiliate” link at the top of the page. From there you will see a dashboard with a summary of your commission details, your commission rate, your affiliate code, etc.

For more details about the information in the Affiliates View, Teachable has a very thorough support page here.

We want to draw your attention to the “Payout Details” tab in particular. This is super important! We can’t pay you without this information, so please remember to add your PayPal information so that you can receive your commission!

PAYMENT details

Teachable has a 30 day refund period, so you would be paid on the next available pay out date after someone makes a purchase. For example, if someone makes a purchase in January, you will be paid in early March. You’ll receive your payment in your PayPal account, which you remembered to provide your information for when you were setting everything up. Right?? :)

As a heads up, if someone you refer makes a purchase and they don’t use your link, unfortunately you will not receive credit for the referral. Please please please do not ask us to manually go in and make the payment to you, there are just too many transactions for us to keep track of individually like that.

Purchasers must use your unique link to be eligible for a commission, so be sure that that’s where you’re directing people! When someone clicks through your link, Teachable adds a cookie to their browser which stays there for a set amount of time and thus attributes credit to you when they make a purchase. Teachable has a great explanation of the process here.

Affiliate link

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the general affiliate details, you can create your affiliate link. In the Affiliate Links section of your Dashboard, you’ll see a Link Generator where you can input the link you want to which you want to direct people. This could be a specific course page or the page for the whole school.

If you plan to paste the link somewhere people will see the actual URL, we recommend using a URL shortener like to make it more visually appealing.


  1. Follow good advertising practices and disclose your affiliate relationship
    A super easy way to do this is to mention your affiliation at the end of your post. This could also include talking about the relationship in the caption as well as the hashtags. We love that this isn’t a straight forward paid for or sponsored post, but rather a network of relationships that make our industry and individuals stronger.

  2. Focus on quality. We only want you helping to share and promote content that you truly support and believe in.

  3. Affiliates with Prep School should feel like a natural symbiotic relationship where we all support each other’s work and goals.

Expectations and Guidelines

Since we now know that you’re passionate about growth and transparency in our industry just like we are, we have some guidelines to help make this relationship beneficial to all involved.

  1. If you haven’t already, take a Prep School course or familiarize yourself with our course lineup. All affiliates have a coupon code to take any courses they’d like at a discounted rate, so feel free to enjoy a few. We want you to have first hand experience with how the courses are formatted and the amount of information they contain. This isn’t a must, but again, we’re all about your genuine enthusiasm.

  2. Announce your partnership. We really do want this to be something you’re legitly excited about. Obviously, you know your following best, so adjust as necessary, but we would suggest announcing your partnership over several Posts and Stories, over an extended period (e.g. two weeks) to ensure maximum exposure.

    • your announcement could focus on something you’ve personally struggled with that you can share with your followers and how Prep School addresses it

    • you could focus on issues you see in the industry and how Prep School addresses them

    • you could address the lack of transparency in so much of our industry and how Prep School and its affiliates are striving to change this

    • you could touch on how awesome it is to have a group of professionals talking about difficult topics, like profitability and value based pricing

    We want this announcement to be seamless and genuine and tie in directly with the content you already share to your followers. Out of the blue sales pitches don’t work! The more sincere your captions, the more effective they’ll be. Feel free to adjust this to best fit your own feed.

  3. The next step is to consider teaching with us! We want to continue to grow our exposure and knowledge base across multiple industries, and you'd be a huge part of that!

  4. Continue to touch base with your affiliate association as we launch new courses each semester. The more you promote to your own following, the more passive income base you can build for yourself!

For Teachers

We would love to have you join us as a teacher for Design House Prep School! Becoming a teacher is the next step up from our affiliate program. In addition to 20% from all sales generated by your unique link, you will also receive 20% of your class sales.

Teaching expectations:

  1. Write and deliver course(s) planned and mapped out with the Design House Prep School team. All materials needed for teaching the course directly related to the topic should be provided by you.

  2. Be available one time during the semester in which your course in launched for a live Q&A with the Design House Prep School team to answer questions from our students regarding your course. We’ll schedule this based on availability.

  3. Record a podcast interview with the DHPS team and chat about your business, goals, creative path, failures and successes.

  4. Promote your course! Follow the DHPS launch schedule for your course’s semester.

DHPS will film, edit, host, and promote your course along with our regular course launch schedule.

Interested in teaching? Tell us why! We’re always looking for unique approaches, techniques and topics. We aim for our teachers to be experts in their fields, have several years of experience, have an active and successful social media platform, a track record of integrity and good business practices, and have a focused business model.

We are so glad you’re here and hopefully you decide that joining us in building a stronger creative industry is a good move for yourself and your business. We can’t wait to work with you!


The Design House Prep School Team

Victoria, Karen, Monday, Dinah and Jora


Once you’ve gotten signed up, we’ll input your info into Teachable. You’ll receive a welcome email from Teachable that will walk you through the rest of the process. It’s super important that you set up your billing info you can make sure you’re getting paid! Once you’re all set with your set up, we’re ready to start promoting!