12 Days of Christmas - Day 9

...on the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

15% off

any class course from SEMESTER III of Design House Prep School, including Class Passes!


We've had three semesters so far, and our ninth day of Christmas will be for courses in Semester II.  If you haven't joined us for DHPS yet, it's an online business school and community focusing on running a profitable creative business.  Courses topics included are Watercolor, Pricing for Creative Businesses, Branding, Establishing Your Creative Process and many more.  We also have several creative courses each semester to expose students to new techniques to either further their work or introduce something new.  We're all about recognizing the unique struggles that creative business owners face and approach them in a direct and honest way.  

Courses are always available to view and do not expire.  All students also have access to our private Facebook group, bonus content and live Q&A sessions with Victoria and Karen.

Simply enter the code "9THDAYOFCHRISTMAS" at checkout for any of the Semester III classes TODAY and receive 15% off your order. Third semester courses are:

- The Art of Saying No
- Paper & Printing Flowchart
- Eliciting Support
- Line Botanicals
- Ribbon Making & Fabric Dyeing
- Digitizing Calligraphy & Artwork

or even better,
- 2017 Fall Semester Class Pass
(for all six classes at a 25% discount!)
- 2017 Fall - Creative Class Pass
(for all three creative classes at an additional 15% discount)
- 2017 Fall - Business Class Pass
(for all three business classes at an additional 15% discount)

Any of the courses above are eligible for this holiday discount, and with the way we structured Design House Prep School, these courses build on many of the foundations established in previous semesters! 

Click through to check out the courses available and make a purchase!
The "9THDAYOFCHRISTMAS" code is valid only until 11:55pm EST on Dec 24, 2017.

Victoria Rothwell